Wei tai shan,Is known as the five centers,Blessing is the spiritual home of the Chinese nation and the holy land;Tom Tom MenShui,Gave birth to the ancient Chinese civilization,Is one of the important birthplace of the Chinese culture。Mount tai river a vein and Burma,Together the old haidai civilization Mount tai Yang、MenShui side,There is a young golden dragon,Bathed in red sun light aggregates,Breathe the east ZiQi,Infiltration of the MenShui dew,With the vigorous vitality、Proud posture,With the passage of time。 Taian jinlong trade co., LTD,Is a set of steel wholesale、Retail、Warehousing、Logistics and deep、Fine machining for the integration of large-scale comprehensive trade enterprises,The main agent:Jinan、Laiwu、Steel、China railway、Hebei iron and steel、Wen Feng、PuYang、Professional dedication、And a number of large-scale iron and steel group in mount tai steel coils、Manganese volume、Decorative pattern、Medium plate、In the wide strip、Steel and other steel products the mainstream... more