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  • 2017-1-10
    Packaging machinery manufacturing industry in our country present situation and deficiencies
    Packaging machinery starts late in our country,Passing by20Years of development,Packaging machinery in our country has become one of the top ten industries in mechanical industry,For China's packaging industry rapid development provides effective protection,Some packaging machinery to fill the domestic blank,Can basically meet the demand of domestic market,Some products and exports。But...
  • 2017-1-10
    The cautions of the belt conveyor line
    1、Belt conveyor line load range,If items range of load will cause the whole line can't normal operation; 2、Anti-static coefficient,Conveyors are generally of anti-static,Anti-static coefficient will be stretched over time,Enterprises need before custom clear to ensure the anti-static coefficient in long time...
  • 2017-1-10
    Bucket elevator commissioning aspects of the main requirements and content
    About the bucket elevator,You see this product, you should not feel strange,Because the articles on the website,Have this aspect of the content,But also a lot。However,Anhui today, all look at the mine equipment co., LTD,Although a lot,But in some ways, there are still gaps and holes,Is not enough...

Jinqiao packaging company is introduced

Jinqiao packaging company is introduced
Tongcheng city jinqiao packaging machinery co., LTD. Is located in historical and cultural name“Tongcheng school”Hometown of tongcheng city gold god industrial park,Provincial capital of hefei in the north,The south river anqing,Shanghai-chengdu、Hejiu railway、AnGaoTie(Under construction)、206Habitat and the highway,Construction convenient and efficient transport service network。 The company mainly production of mine conveying equipment,Set research and development、Design、Production、The sale is a body of credit services。The company covers an area of100Mu,Fixed assets3000Ten thousand yuan,Employees180More than one...

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